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What xiong dared to do in the past decade: tell more about darko's path of "light control"

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LED comes to the second half, it is time for "bayonet". The chip end is concentrated and expanded, the packaging end is transformed actively, and the application end moves towards subdivision, and the optical supporting manufacturers seek new opportunities in the gap.

Recently, in the circle of friends, xiong said the most is "middle-aged greasy life".

The so-called "middle age", similar to noontime, with its light, power and anxiety, begins to reposition, assume greater responsibilities, become confused, think in more directions and are pushed forward constantly. After a period of rapid growth and arduous transition, xiong and dalko came to "middle age" together. From scratch, from euphoria at $20 million to panic at $100 million, "even more challenging days are coming."

Bear big is the general manager of dalke xiong dacheng, known as "bear big" in the lighting circle for its cartoon image.

"Has he been lucky? In the process of extremely rapid changes in lighting market, most of the "pits" can be skillfully avoided. Xiong stressed that the advantage of dalco lies in the product, which has been used to make up for the lack of market channels. Now, we need to start thinking about the way out of products and production capacity, rather than relying on "hot style" to promote the next growth of dalco.

At the factory in cuiheng new district, xiong said that dalco is entering a new phase, with a clearer positioning and approach to both the layout of the industrial chain, the development of overseas markets, and the development of new products.

The time of your youth

Dalko's youth was "outrageous".

In 2011, exactly the year when LED began to permeate extensively, the market focus on LED products is still on how to improve the luminous efficiency level around 120Lm/W, while the requirement on the luminous quality of light source is still in the embryonic stage. There are only a few companies like baikang and LedLink, which are brands of optical lens and reflective cup products.

In zhongshan, an optical enterprise has opened 25 machines, in order to differentiate the competition, dalco began the development and introduction of COB reflective cup products.


Early reflective cup products

This was very risky at that time. COB packaging technology was not favored by the market. Once the market did not form a big climate, the developed mold and products could only become abandoned children. Dalco is "young and energetic", and is aware of the prospect of COB products and technologies developed by several major international manufacturers of preet, sharp and siti.

"I always thought that the quality of the light coming out of the light source would be taken seriously by the user, and the optical lens reflective cup was a big opportunity, and the thing to do at that time was to rip a hole in the big opportunity and then slowly extend into it." Darko took the COB reflective cup for the cut.

In 2012, COB product market began to break out, and its light color uniformity was increasingly recognized. COB packaging manufacturers' demand for lens reflective cups was exploding. Thanks to previous "wayward", darko relies on a series of products with complete specifications to achieve a 60% market share and a turnover of 20 million a year.

"It's a choice between life and death, not a matter of luck or not," xiong said, adding that the sense of adventure and market sense in the early stages of development had become more and more genetic in subsequent choices.

Relying on this market sensitivity went on to create multiple "" hot style" ", amassing fat fortunes for the "" young" "dalco.

Youth inflation

Eggs cannot be put in one basket at the same time.

Following the market, dalco gradually entered the field of outdoor industry, consumer electronics, headlamp and medical treatment, and expanded the factory production line of cuiheng new area step by step. So far, three semi-automated workshops have been built, and capacity expansion has been impressive.

At the same time, products are being developed at the rate of one set of molds a day.

The immediate benefit is that revenues are growing fast and companies are not as big as they used to be.

This is an advantage and a signal of risk. When the market changes dramatically and the demand shifts, how to ensure the timely adjustment and full utilization of the production line?

"Rely on automation equipment, average every workshop is only about 2 engineers, researchers mainly concentrated in the end product inspection and packaging process, the whole workshop staff always accounted for only around 35%, so, when need to adjust the production line, workshop equipment can quickly switch in time, researchers used also can maintain at a high level of efficiency. Xiong is candid that as companies grow larger and larger, manufacturing management capabilities and timely adjustment mechanisms are increasingly tested.


"if companies set limits on themselves, the next step for growth will be affected."  This is the popular boundary theory proposed by Internet circles recently, which is widely accepted by xiong.

Regardless of whether this theory is correct or not, dalco did capture the dividends of this market change, allowing it to diversify its products, increase its revenue scale and improve its manufacturing strength.

Inflated determination to change

Can dalco continue to launch hot style by capturing fleeting market opportunities?

If LEDil to brand and special market application, then the total of the original power is the product + localization, "let's a to bear the brunt of the changing market is obviously very risky, and the market will not always can be seen us through," product revenue growth path needs to be more diversified, bear big began to put more effort on the cooperation with marriage of upstream packaging manufacturer.

The sealing factory has a more acute and cutting-edge judgment on the LED lighting technology trend and product development, and in order to promote the new product launch and promotion, it will look for supporting manufacturers to jointly research and develop products at the early stage of the product development project. 

Xiong believes that in the current situation where the downstream market is more and more demanding, the quality of optical accessories is directly related to the user's application experience, and the development from the source is directly imported into the engineers and designers of both parties, which can make the product more matching and market differentiation.

"The application environment of headlights is special, and many vehicle factories will put forward many personalized requirements for the parameters such as near and far light, anti-glare, etc.," xiong said.

While working with a number of factories to design the headlamp structure, from phosphor coating and chip layout to overall structure and lighting Angle, dalco will send engineers and designers to each other, and even develop multiple sets of molds for matching and debugging before the product is set.

The cooperation between the optical factory and the packaging factory is more like the cross of two boundaries is bad and the fusion. In this way, the light source can be more popular in the application market and the lens can be developed more specifically. "Essentially, the industry is accelerating convergence, and we think a lot of things have boundaries, and it turns out that those boundaries are disappearing."

In this way, it further promoted the determination of the bear on the product and market innovation.

Middle-aged "lost" and "thinking"

With the support of business sense and industrial chain collaboration, dalco gradually formed a stable customer group and began to become more "bold".

This "boldness" runs through almost every level of product, brand and management.

Previously, faced with the embarrassment of weak margin growth in the face of rapid revenue growth, it was realized that this was even fatal to the future of the company. From the above we talked about the production line expansion, product development gradually accelerated and other signs can be seen.

After almost a day's development of a set of molds, the mold cost is high enough to cover the entire production cost, and the product positioning is in a relatively awkward position due to the lack of intensive farming in some subdivisions.

Now, xiong began to "make big subtraction."

This year, total streamline overlapping products and cut down low margin products, on the other side in 8 million in guangxi set new mold and injection molding and electroplating production base, the introduction of auto level product process, capacity issue after, on the main index of optical reflectance can enhance the level of 6 points, 94% - 95%, makes the production cost has more advantages.


Newly invested electroplating equipment

With the gradual operation of automation equipment, production line workers and engineers have been able to allocate more flexibly and flexible production according to market changes can be more flexible. In this way, on the basis of ensuring the development speed of original products and molds, production capacity can remain at the top level of the same industry. The reduction of unit cost and the improvement of per capita output are in sharp contrast with the previous situation.

Industry analysis, optical manufacturer is affected by product diversification itself characteristic, industry concentration is not high, as the price of the chips and downstream lighting products in the next period of time after down further, mid-range lens manufacturer may further narrowing of the living space, and darfur subtraction and division of product brand addition is probably the last chance.

Bear is also increasingly able to experience the power of brand upgrades.

In the past two years, it has been almost all over Europe, North America, South America and southeast Asia, gradually expanding the brand influence of dalco to overseas markets, hoping that the popularity of foreign brands and channels in the domestic market will feed each other, and then it will become the "public" in the optical brand.

"The adjustment of product positioning and brand promotion is a long-term continuous", bear big also realize this, so publicly expressed in every occasion, total want to become a brand enterprise, first of all to become a modern enterprise, "in the future, growth path is relying on a complete system and the system to realize, leading to the team leading by personal transformation will be up to, the brand to promote the focus of the next."

That is to say, in the future, the first label of dalco may not be just big bear, including products, brands will become its symbol.


Dalco can be regarded as a typical growth "blue chip" from 2009 to 2018, from 20 million to 100 million, and dare to think and do it in a decade, not only catching up with the golden period of LED development, but also smelling several big market opportunities. LED comes to the second half, it is time for "bayonet". The chip end is concentrated and expanded, the packaging end is transformed actively, and the application end moves towards subdivision, and the optical supporting manufacturers seek new opportunities in the gap.

With the continuous breakthroughs in new technologies, I think there will be more room for imagination.



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